CO2 Science

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What might this look like as energy is exchanged? So the mixing of energy occurs in small and large cloud formations and weather, as depicted in actaul scene below.


The lower altitude has a high concentration of gases, and as such collisions occur much more frequently than the absorption or release of the IR photon energy.  A captured IR photon has a slim chance of making it to Outer Space (OS) uninterrupted unless in the window to OS.


The formation of clouds is the condensation of Water Vapor (WV) which releases a lot of energy as the early NASA diagram modelled.


The table on the IRG, commonly named the GHE, shows that WV is the dominate energy mechanism in warming the planet in the static case. 


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NEXT:  We can theorize as to how the energy journey might appear, and how we see it occuring in a scene such as above.



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