What is global temperature mean and what meaning to place on it?

In any attempt to understand climate, there first must be an examination of the temperature measurements that are purported to be the global average temperatures.   How accurate are they is one of the first questions anyone would ask?  What are the different methods of measurement and since the temperature readings are put forth most often as anomalies, how is that computed and what adjustments are being made?   There indeed many questions to ask.


Much is made of the average annual global anomaly temperatures.  There are a good many sources online to see and compute these various readings.    In so doing it becomes clear very early on that the difference between datasets generated with different techniques and even the adjustments that some datasets receive much after the measurement time are larger than the actual readings themselves.   This raises all kinds of questions as to the validity of all of this, and we hope in this section to lend some insights into these and other questions. 


Prof Willie Soon on temperature data, criticism of his work unjustly by Gavin Schmidt - in the video below.




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