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This site is intended to be a comprehensive look at all aspects of the current climate theories, science, claims and predictions, policies and politics.   The best way to grasp this entire line of reasoning is to take the list of topic overviews below and see what attracts your interest and line of inquiry. 


This is a good overview of the general topic of climate and all of the theories that are so well publicized.   If you wish to concentrate on the scientific areas, then explore those.  If you want to understand how good the predictions are and have been, explore those topics.   If you are concerned about some of the politics and misuse of data you might have heard about explore those areas.  We are several decades into the promotion of AGW, the theory of man caused temperature increase or global warming.   


What is being presented here is the best we could determine as worth considering.    Is this wildly held within the scientific community?  The answer is no.    There is a well funded machine behind the AGW cause.   There is a great deal of money at stake here and a strong political movement that fights any criticism.    Fights is to state a milder version of what is happening in the press.   Some outlets like NYTs, Washington Post, Guardian, Reuters, CNN, MSNBC among many others display a consistent attack perspective.  


It is up to the reader to decide if the AGW movement is correct or suspect.  Lean in with us and see what you can learn.   The future of much of the world is at stake, and even looking at the Paris Agreement will raise doubts even without delving deeper into the science. 


The  presentation pages cover an extensive series of the topics as shown.  There are shorter treatment of the subjects.  The links are accessible into these sections by this clickable infographic: 


Consensus History Temperature Climate Science CO2 Science IPCC Models Predictions Data IPCC Policies Paris Agreement


The top layer is more of background, covering the concept of whether or not there is consensus or not.  As well the history of the climate going well back in time is presented.   How temperature is measured and adjusted is of great concern as well.  

The 2nd layer is more of the science of all aspects of climate from the basics to CO2 to the computer models.

The 3rd layer is about the way information is used and how valid it is, and what policies and organizations are doing. 


This next infographic is of the same topics but covers the more in-depth information on each topic, and has different links.  So it is therefore not abbreviated but will largely supplement the presentation links above.  It is linked to more robust articles on the same topics.


Consensus History Temperature Climate Science CO2 Science IPCC Models Predictions Data IPCC Policies Paris Agreement



Links that are a Good Summary

The links below offer a good overview of the Skeptical viewpoint:


Climate Presentation

Video Critique of AGW

Nature Overview

Roy Spencer on the Basics

Nature Overview



TG Presentation at II


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