Ice Conditions and Glacier Trends

The ice in the Artic region is an indicator of many things including any strong El Nino ocean currents which had a distinct impact on the ice in the Arctic polar region. 


Antarctica region seems strong in ice coverage as is Greenland, the latter seeing 3 years of growing ice and low temperatures.   A reliable source of data on ice in the Arctic region is this Link.


Arctic Ice Regrowing 2017 occurs more than was reported or accepted by the AGW alarmists.

Artic Ice Natural Variability speaks for itself.  

Antarctic Ice Fall in 2016 not AGW but due to natural causes. 

Gains in Antarctic Ice 2015 the gains even later than this have shown that the annual increase is increasing.

Current Mass Greenland Ice has been growing over the past few years.

Prof Soon on Sea Ice is a video on the sea ice that is worth seeing.


One factoid that is not well recognized is that the earth has spent a good deal of time historically with no ice on the polar caps.   Also most glaciers are less than 4,000 years old.    Both would suggest that we are in a sustained warming period or interglacial that at some point will end.  




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We should revisit occasionally what the proper role of government is.   As the constitution was a good sense of direction, we need a core set of principles to add in order to deal with the future.


So many want to engineer society, remove risk, assist certain groups, rather than let individuals thrive and raise communities.  Why?


Is Democracy where we all "get it good and hard" or is it the best means to a free society?


Should we roll with the special interests, or make the government achieve its proper role, what is that role, and how to do this?


When do deficits and governments become too large?


Government is becoming more elitist while trying to sell corrections to problems it created, what makes this possible?


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Currently as a society, we are having a most difficult time discussing political issues.  What is driving this?   And why a rebirth in political culture would be a good thing.


Market Economy

Are "markets" dead as some would conjecture? Or is free enterprise what got us here?


Economic Theories

At the heart of economics there are several possible economic schools of thought, the essence of these schools of thought and how they relate to our lives.


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