What are the drivers of the AGW movement?

There is no denying that the AGW movement is politically motivated.   See the IPCC presentation topic for more info and quotes.   The best example is the hockety stick fiasco.  But none of this has penetrated the minds of many folks like these below.    They are ready and willing to assume that man is threatening the planet, although there is no solid data, morels, or analysis that supports those ideas.



What is driving this aspect of AGW other than the guilt that a good portion of these believers in the disaster have?   It is multi-fold.


 First there is the notion of a world order through government.   The UN is where Obama went to sign the Paris Accord, leaving Congress out of the approval process, a clear statement of his view of his authority but also how he viewed the expanding role of the UN.   Why a international authority?  It has long been a goal of the progressives to have an international unelected center of power that could be controlled by one ideology.

Second, that the uber-sensitivity to man's impact on the environment is there and had been developed over decades since the first Earth Day in the early 1970's and brought to this day as the fervor you see in the picture above.   It is a jihad on man's use of the planet. 


Third there is also a desire to redistribute wealth to poor countries.   This is driven by the same political groups as the first two above, that is concerned about wealth distribution as needing adjustment.    See the YouTube video below.  

IPCC official admitting that climate change policy is about redistribution to the poor countries. The YouTube Video Link

So we have three forces all common to the more socially engineering side rather than the individual freedom side of the political spectrum.   It would be a serious achievement for the more socialistic side of the poltiical spectrum to make the AGW movement achieve all three of these objectives. 


Clean energy is a great goal, but why is nuclear power left out of the discussion so far?  Is this based on politics or logic?  There have been a great many advancements in nuclear so why not look more closely?  



Denier - What is that About?


Proclaiming someone a denier and then trying to dismiss their skepticism or even prosecute them as having committed a crime, is over the top.  


See this Link for some more insight. 


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