CO2 Myths seem to Multiply

From the supposed consensus on the AGW crisis to the general leverage that CO2 has in the atmosphere, there are a great many myths about how man is affecting the environment.  


See below on various publications:

22 Inconvenient Climate Truths about counter statements to the AGW beliefs.

Climate Myths in the general climate and man's influence on it. 

Count of Common Lies in a Video a quick hitting video on the common falsehoods being delivered.

The Deniers that Stood Up are indeed punished.

Top Ten Climate Change Lies another video on the stretching of a belief system.

Top Ten Climate Myths Busted in a quick hitting video.


But none quite as powerful as the rebuttal to the list of 15 Reasons why to Believe in CC by the NYTs.    The rebuttal point-by-point is a complete undoing of this list.  As the article below (with the link below) answer the 15 points that the NYTs has presented as OMG the climate is going “to be on fire” or something like that.    


As with all things climate the devil is in the details.   If you want to have answers to the key claims being made in the AGW press:  NYTs and most of MS media, then saddle up and read on.   The author’s response to each of the 15 points is worth reading.  It is not complete but goes at this attempt to seal the deal on AGW is real and any resistance is futile.  


Thanks NYTs for the deception and political ideology that is intended once again to not focus on data and logic but the end goal of a large government, even a world government.


Response to the New York Times primer on climate change: ‘Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change’

Anthony Watts / March 18, 2017

WUWT Article Link

Guest essay by Lance Wallace


For several months, the New York Times has been running a permanent feature on climate change. They direct their readers to this feature with the promise that it will answer their questions.

Will it really? Let’s see.



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We should revisit occasionally what the proper role of government is.   As the constitution was a good sense of direction, we need a core set of principles to add in order to deal with the future.


So many want to engineer society, remove risk, assist certain groups, rather than let individuals thrive and raise communities.  Why?


Is Democracy where we all "get it good and hard" or is it the best means to a free society?


Should we roll with the special interests, or make the government achieve its proper role, what is that role, and how to do this?


When do deficits and governments become too large?


Government is becoming more elitist while trying to sell corrections to problems it created, what makes this possible?


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Currently as a society, we are having a most difficult time discussing political issues.  What is driving this?   And why a rebirth in political culture would be a good thing.


Market Economy

Are "markets" dead as some would conjecture? Or is free enterprise what got us here?


Economic Theories

At the heart of economics there are several possible economic schools of thought, the essence of these schools of thought and how they relate to our lives.


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