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Consensus means what exactly, and how does anyone achieve a 97% number?

In the case of AGW seeking consensus for AGW, the questions have to be tuned for the largest positive response and in the papers published the data has to also be manipulated, or so it appears.  

Is a 97% consensus possible on a difficult, complex topic such as the earth's climate?  Clearly too many of the climate scientists report to officials that agree with the AGW claims. 

How relevant is the notion of science having consensus?  Is it a necessary part of any valid scientific method?  Have we seen any instance where that is a valid argument?  The answer to each is NO!

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NEXT:  The early polls could not find much consensus at all. 


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The idea of consensus on AGW claims will be analyzed in this section.    What is the real data and how has the media represented it?


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