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  In this section we examine common and wildly held predictions as to what is going to happen on earth as we experience the rise in temperature also wildly believe as settled.  One begins to fiond however that the vaste majority of these predictions of incredible sea rise and acidity in the oceans among many others are inevitable unless we turn over control of fossil fuels and the economy to elites. Let's examone common predictions.


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NEXT:  We begin with the low hanging fruit of some Al Gore quotes.


Topics within this Section



The rnage of predictions that made seemingly each week on the impact of AGW are too numerous to detail in this website.  Some however are captured here and the links below are those highlights.


Global Climate Predictions

Gems from Al Gore

Greenland Ice Melting

No Snow in England

Al Gore Sea Level Rise

Cyclones Worse

Droughts Worse

Polar Bears Population

More Faulty Predictions


Add this to your personal list.  Be most discerning in the future to be quite critical in your analysis.  If the words "worse than we thought" are used be especially skeptical.


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