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The AGW simple theory has 3 components:  CO2 radiative forcing (RF), the imapct of a CO2 increase in concentration on RF, and the feedback term F.  Without the feedback doubling the CO2 according to this theory raises the temperature only 1.16C.   The theory we develop further in the website has this number much lower. 


The feedback is phsyically related to the supposed increase in Water Vapor due to this 1C increase.  With the feedback, unproven in the science, the temperature would then increase to over 3C.  The obvious question is since WV is a much more robust IRG than CO2 then why does it not raise the temperature much higher?  In this case we would experience a positive feeback and runaway temperatures.   This obvious question is the key question in AGW theory, one of many.    

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NEXT:  We examine the RF versus CO2 concentration further. 



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