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Total world population is close to 7.6 billion people.  Over the past more than 50 years the countries with the highest growth rates have seen these rates come down by a factor of 2x. 

The peak UN population numbers range from about 10 billion to 11+ billion.   One can estimate that the large number embodies the principle of a lower level economy where "hands in the field" is the dominate predictor of the size of a family. 

Today in modern developed countries, kids are more like luxury goods, and not goods at all, versus having a means of producing more crops.  

The graph below does show the CO2 level track with population.   But remember that correlation is not causation.   Both parameters have been varying closer to a linear curve.  So the conclusions that can be drawn from this curve are not possible.

But this does not stop AGW from making such single variable correlation/causation conclusions.


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NEXT:  With this increase in population and some contiuned progression to the peak of total population, how does the energy demand change starting with the fuel consumption?


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