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So to what extent can CO2 reduction occur given reality as we know it and can we forecast accurately the impact on climate?

There is a forecast program called MAGICC that can help us. Carbon calculator at Cato uses an EPA program to calculate the impact of reducing CO2. It is online for your use.

In running a series of test cases one can see that wiping out CO2 emissions from the USA for the remainder of this century might reduce the temperature by 0.25C.  Similar resuts occur with other developed countries. 

This program also uses a pesimisstic view of the impact of CO2 on temperature.   If you use any of the models we have in this website, the impact on temperature will not be measureable.



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We consistently see costs in the $40-100T or more range for a few tenths of a degree C reduction.

In other words one cannot measure the difference. Suggest that you give it a try for your own sake.


NEXT:  How do we weigh the cost or benefit of CO2, no matter how much of the total CO2 in the atmosphere is human created?   Slide 8 on the Greening of the world gives us a clue.


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