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Technology innovation is often offered up as the future avenue of improvement.  Just name your concern and it will bail us all out, so to speak.  In energy development and even clean generation, distribution, and consumption all speak fondly of technology, but rarely look at what optimizes its development. 

Some have even suggested that a Manhattan style project is in order, a singular focus on a single approach.   The problem with this is that there is no singular approach and government run projects can only slow down the progress if also pick the wrong solution.  In fact with the Obama Adminstration there was an attempt to pick the winners in various energy genration categories, with little success.

So what might work better?  A Silicon Valley model where the free market drives multiple avenues of exploration, some more risky than others.  

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If one tries to predict the innovation then already there is an assumption of knowing the future that has no real precedent.    Energy generation is wide opn technically even if it is not politically.  AGW groups also condemn nuclear at the same time they want more subsidies for solar and wind.   All can benefit from technology, while all will be required in the future. 


NEXT:   As we consider clearner energy we should also determine how much CO2 reduction over time will cause in reduced temperatures.   See the next slide on the carbon calculator.


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