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The Precuationary Principle is the argument that we should do something just in case.

In case of what?  The AGW argument is that the downside is so large to doing nothing that we must follow their lead. 

Even if the science is not making sense yet and the cost to reducing fossil fuels is too great for no real gain. 

In this section we will explore these and other topics, and you will be able to determine for yourselves how much are you willing to spend.  

As with other progressive policies the cost of the tradeoff is never identified.  If the investments in killing fossil fuels is made then what is the impact to all of society>  Nothing is recognized within the AGW movement.

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So-called clean energy is taking $1B a day driven largely by AGW concerns. It is making a dent, but at what cost?

Simple choices even if you want to play it “safe”?

Kill fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emissions?

Clean energy is a long way from supplying a growing demand for energy.


NEXT:  The carbon tax is the AGW solution of choice for action.   Can one trust a politician crying crisis and running to Washington advocating for larger taxes?  I can think of no such positive example.


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