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China now leads in CO2 emissions and is bringing on new coal plants at a rapid pace, as are other locations like India and Africa, even Europe.

With 1600 new coal plants in place like China, India and even Germany and Africa – we should have developed cleaner burning plants.  Investments in CO2 sequestering were not made, while Obama fought to kill all coal burnign plants in the USA.   Currently coal exports from the USA have grown significantly.

But there was not enough technology development funding to create cleaner plants.

Coal burning plants are in the countries that are supposed to be the leaders of the Paris Agreement. They cannot make their goals with this kind of CO2 output.


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Peak coal is not anytime soon, so it is here for a good portion of this century. The primary source of energy within China and India is coal, and perhaps even Germany and parts of Europe.


NEXT:   Does renewable energy sources have a chance to make up a good portion of the demand and if not what will provide the trending increase in demand?


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