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The social cost of CO2 is the cost, negative is good and positive is a weight on the economy, has received a good deal of IPCC attention.  A large part of the recent AR reports cover this topic.   It is of course a great deal of guessing as to the impact of increased CO2.  With the model in the graph below from the Friends of Science the cost versus Climate Sensivity (CS) is plotted.

Having negative numbers for what we feel is the maximum range of CS of below 1C, the benefits of CO2 are largely positive.

 AGW believers see a different picture with a different model, one that amplifies the impact of CO2 on negative outcomes. 


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What is the correct socail cost of CO2 emissions?

If one believes as we do that most CO2 in the atmosphere is there naturally then the cost is more positive, not negative as we are being told by a large portion of the IPCC org and many international organizations.


NEXT:  Despite this theory, what is the impact of technology development on clear energy and other areas of society and should these free enterprise market areas be left to their own devices?


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