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Renewable energy sources have been built up beyond their abilities for decades.   Wind generation is higher than solar, but it less than 1% of the total energy generated in the world.  As you can see that has not slowed the subsidies.

Germany and Denmark, who tried relying on these clean sources of energy have had to change their policies and seek other alternatives. 

Does energy technolgy advances come sooner and better with government intervention?   There is no valid example of this ever occuring.  And clearly this did not occur with the internet, despite Al Gore's attempt to take credit for it.

Technology development occurs with strong principles of private investment and a lot of proper incentives, like is found in Silicon Valley.


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Clearly clean energy is a good goal if it can be productive at a good price.   Most of the AGW sympathetic countries (many who say one thing and then do another) do not have an entirely market driven energy industry, but want to shift the markets in favor of low CO2 energy generation.  Most have backed away including Australia. 

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