Policies (contd.)

Slide 4 in this series. 


Many sources even Charles Shultz advocate a carbon tax as being possibly neutral on taxes.   This avoids the reality of government in its quest to rasie taxes in all areas.  The carbon tax is regressive for it taxes the poor at a much higher rate of their income than richer people. 

Also what is being missed in all of this is that the objective of a carbon tax is to reduce CO2 emissions, not by a little but by a lot.  The impact on the economy is therefore very large and very negative.  So how will the society take to a reduction in their standard of living?  Will this lead to world peace and better environmentalism?


slide 4 pol

Are the people that gullible?   The emotions for AGW are peaked although the science is incomplete.

This demonstration shows anti-Exxon which generally advocates for AGW.


NEXT:  IPCC has made a large investment in showing how large the social cost of CO2 is, which is the next slide. 


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