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One expects that this story would be about a third world country and their corruption.  The entire annual money being spent by the US government in all of its agencies is well into the multiple tens of billions of dollars.  


 Quite the industry in making money for the actors who have as their goal the takeover of fossil fuels and the reduction of the US economy to a very low level.  


Is All Of This Climate Change Fearmongering Just About the Money?

By Adrian Vance June 10, 2016

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In the “Global Warming,” “Climate Change” issue Democrats, Liberals, Greens and Socialists love to heap disdain on deniers, coal and oil companies; the largest is Exxon.  They posted a net profit on operations of eight percent, and we have no reason to believe other oil companies make more, but less.  A number have gone bankrupt since the decline in oil prices.  Who is making money on “Climate Change?”


The largest class of profiteers is college professors who have gotten over $550 billion, since 1988, in grants for papers supporting the concept CO2 was heating the atmosphere regardless the fact that physical science classifies it “a trace gas in the atmosphere.”  And, one of the greatest physical scientists of all time has shown that increasing CO2 cools the atmosphere! Do not bother to submit a proposal for a study promoting that fact. We have tried and not gotten responses, much less reportable rejections.  The publishers know “The fix is in.”


Environmental groups massively outspend opponents. Opposition to global warming activism raises $46 million annually with 91 conservative think tanks, according to Forbes Magazine. That is one-sixth of Greenpeace’ $260 million budget and they are only one of many such groups. There are several “Global Warming Stars!”


Former Vice President Al Gore’s global warming work has increased his net worth from $700,000 in 2000 AD to $172.5 million in 2015.   Gore and the former Goldman Sach’s Chief of Asset Management made $218 million between 2008 and 2011 promoting a carbon credit exchange they founded.  In spite of the fact the exchange, that cost $200 million to set up and never opened, Gore got away with millions of Dollars.  While many have marveled that Gore managed to invest in companies just before they got Federal grants there has been no publicity regarding his good fortunes or acumen.  That seems unfair and regrettable.  Mr. Gore has not been lauded for his incredible talent with an indictment for securities fraud.


Elon Musk is either a visionary or a very lucky idiot, as he has proposed ideas that many engineers have said were insane, but all have been funded by Federal and state governments.  After a $110,000 donation to the Obama campaign, Mr. Musk got $5 billion in Federal loan guarantees and guess how much money Mr. Musk has borrowed to date?  And, guess how much his net worth is reported to be?  His very expensive and questionable engineering continues to marvel the world as well as financial experts.


Musk Chairs a number of companies including Tesla Motors and SolarCity that get billions in Federal subsidies and loan guarantees, but no profits in the marketplace.  Musk got $1.4 billion of Nevada taxpayer money to build his “Gigafactory” there.  Then, SolarCity moved to Nevada for another multi-million Dollar subsidy.  Again, no profit, then Nevada changed the way they were subsidizing solar energy disfavoring Musk so he pulled out of the state with a loss of many millions to stuck taxpayers!  Meanwhile he remains on the list of American billionaires while Democrats wail about Trump!


Tesla also produces a lithium ion-battery “Powerwall,” for $7,340 to store electricity in homes. The Powerwall was to make rooftop solar panels economic, but they take 40 years to pay for themselves while the Tesla warranty is only for ten years and testing reveals they will only last 15 years at the outside.


Billionaire Warren Buffett has invested a lot in utilities like NV Energy.  His Berkshire Hathaway fund invested $30 billion in green energy sources.  Warren Buffet was a great force in lobbying the Nevada state government to revise power metering to boost utility incomes at the expense of the people.  The effects have been utterly disastrous.


Vinod Khosla, the Indian billionaire has poured over a billion dollars of his own money, as well as more of the government’s, into 50 different green energy startups. He has been behind some of the green tech industry’s most spectacular failures. Despite these repeated flops, he’s still getting and pouring money into green energy, according to The New York Times.


Khosla has spent a lot of money investing in ethanol, an inferior fuel, and heavily dependent on a federal mandate requiring gasoline sold in the U.S. contain a certain amount of it. Ethanol tax credits are estimated to have cost the federal government up to $40 billion between 1978 and 2012, according to The National Review


Khosla was heavily invested in the ethanol company KiOR, even talking the company up during an interview with “60 Minutes.” KiOR went bankrupt in November 2014 and devastated the state of Mississippi, which had given KiOR a $75 million, 20-year, no interest loan after Khosla assured the state that he would build facilities worth $500 million that would create 1,000 jobs.


Film director James Cameron has also profited greatly on environmentalism and holds a long record of being green, saying “We need to mobilize like we did during World War II to fight global warming.”


When asked about the scientists who are skeptical of global warming, Cameron claimed “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads. Anybody that is a global-warming denier at this point in time has got their head so deeply up their asses I’m not sure they could hear me.”  We have to agree with Mr. Cameron’s final point and will make the observation he certainly seems to know a lot about such things.


The environmentally-themed film “Avatar” netted Cameron over $650 million, making him one of the richest directors of all time with an estimated net worth of $700 million.


There many smaller players with the largest total take in academia where grant application after grant application is written to prove CO2 is evil, causing global warming, and everything bad that can be associated with it.  Proposals for experimental work to really address the issue objectively are ignored, not rejected, which would result in a “paper trail,” but simply ignored.  This removes any objectivity from government supported science and corrupts it completely.


The greatest loss to our nation’s economy is the corruption of science and science education.  Now our graduates receive ten to 30% instruction as every physical science lecture is preceded by a five to 15 minute presentation on environmentalism with much of it some aspect of “global warming” or “climate change” blaming CO2 for imaginary damage to the world when the atmosphere is actually short of it and it is man’s place to repair that by returning it to the atmosphere by burning stuff.  The theme of this time period is Climate Change for Cash!


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