Interesting that WV is about equal to CO2 in exhaust for petrol and diesel engines.


Burning Car Fuel Creates what Exhaust?

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 For every pound of fuel burned, you get about a pound and a third of water, as a combustion product, in the exhaust gas.  No way to prevent it; it's right there in the chemical equation.  You only see it when the engine is cold, or the gas flows over cold surfaces or into cold air, where the water becomes liquid.


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In spark-ignition engines the gases resulting from combustion of the fuel and air mix are called exhaust gases. The composition varies from petrol to diesel engines, but is around these levels:

Combustion-engine exhaust gases[7]
All figures are approximate

 % of total







carbon dioxide



water vapor





Trace elements[citation needed]

< 0.6

~ 0.3

nitrogen oxides

< 0.25

< 0.15

carbon monoxide

1 - 2

< 0.045

particulate matter

< 0.045


< 0.25

< 0.03

sulfur dioxide

possible traces

< 0.03



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