The Lifetime of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The lifetime of CO2 from any source including ACO2 in the atmosphere is another point of extensive contention,  As one can see in the diagram below right, the IPCC assumes much larger residence time than most other peer reviewed analyses of this parameter.  

In the IPCC models the lifetime is 100s o years, does not follow a exponential decay curve, but one that is named Bern.


Dr Salby takes on this question among others in the video below.   He looks first at the carbon 14 decay after the nuclear testing.   One can then monitor the decay from the time of the nuclear test bad treaty, or NTBT.


The curve below is a summary of that analysis, and results in a value of 8.6 years.




However since carbon 14 can emit again during this time, this was not the perfect experiment.   A better experiment is to look at the Mauna Loa data as to how it varies each year.   That has the opportunity of analyzing the absorption within a year, and does show a consistent lifetime less than 1 year.    If the absorption was as long as even 10 years the curve below would not exist.   This analysis shows that the lifetime is actually closer to 8 months, not 8.6 years. 


This is a significant finding in that if the lifetime is less than one year then the computed accumulative CO2 is but 1.3x the amount emitted in a single year.   See the model built for this purpose:  Link 




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