Does Temperature Rise as a Result of an Increase in CO2?

From the AGW theory point of view that is essential to the idea that AGW is a crisis in the making and that man's emissions of CO2 will drive up temperature.   This has been assumed since the beginning of the IPCC decades ago.   Even the climate scientist Arrhenius back over a century ago was theorizing that the increase in CO2 had a direct correlation to temperature and therefore climate. 


We will deal in this section with the question of does CO2 lag or lead temperature?   There are copious and credible studies that show that CO2 increase actually lags temperature increases.   The references that are reproduced here, below right, cover a good deal of ground and time periods and methods.   The lag of CO2 is found in the analysis of core samples and recent data on CO2 and temperature.     


Perhaps the most convincing argument for this thesis is from Prof Salby.  He shows in the video below the lag of CO2 is seen by observing and analyzing the data as presented from Mt Loa in Hawaii.  Since CO2 is a well mixed gas, the analysis of temperature in a given area or even dataset can allow the question to be answered.




Ice core data is but one of several measurements and correlation studies that show that CO2 lags temperature.


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