What we gathered in Feedback from the Event (in bold):


Overall, very positive comments.   Typical:  I really learned a lot. 

We thank all for coming and for listening so well.    Our call to reason was more than answered.   I did announce the website which you are on while reading this page.  Some of what is driven by the menu is in place, and other pages are under construction.   

Do let us know your thoughts in comments added below as you finish reading this page.


There was a desire for us to do some “forecasting.”  

This is problematic given the complexity of the system.    There are however some material we will add to the website that offers some insights as to what could happen in the future.   This will use a model for CO2 and warming that is simple and problematic in our eyes, but can give some asymptotic ideas for how much CO2 can take climate warming.  It is arguable in its usefulness, but it operates within the AGW methodology and refutes again AGW.  It was an area we did not discuss.


Another interesting point was to take comments from various AGW sites and refute their arguments.

We are in the midst of doing just that, as we add content to the website.    The common myths concerning CO2 wil be answered using articles generated for that purpose. 


Other comments  that go along with “Give more information of the impact of policies,” of monies otherwise spent on global warming.  Could it have gone for that would have more “morally” redeeming impact on poverty, hunger, and poor water supplies? 

This is a good idea and one we will add to the presentation wiht any collaboration with any of you.    Look under the Policies menu for items we will be adding.   We will list soon the new items and will indicate in email when there is a large change in the website.  


Many people wanted to know what our plans are on where we go from here?

That is a good question and one that we will address after the website is where we want it to be.   We will make more presentations to other audiences at other venues.   We also have to continually question our statements as we study other articles and arguments.  We will announce any other events as they take shape.   I can imagine perhaps one in early Dec as the next likely time period. 


How can we get our information more widely dispersed and viewed?

This is a good question to ask all of you as well.   We will be using social networking and reach out to other skeptics for some connectivity and networking with as many as we can.   I can see this taking shape in December and more energetically in the beginning of 2018.  You all can help in this by sending out the link to this site once is ready.    Also please let us know your ideas as you learn more about what we are presenting here. 


Only one person at the presentation had a strong pushback on what we were saying.   Something that we will see more of as the audience becomes more representative of the general public.   Does our presentation and the website have to answer questions or do we have to answer and refute the myths on CO2’s impact on climate? 

Certainly.    This will be added to the website in coming weeks.   We are seeking comments at the bottom of every page.  So dive in on this topic and let us what we might have missed.   



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